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Nintendo Direct 14-01-2015 (Event)
Full video from the January 2015 Nintendo Direct event.

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Payback Music Video for Battlefield 4.

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Little Bobby Paige Trailer for The Order - 1886.

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Touring Car Discipline Revealed for GRID Autosport

Codemasters unveiled today a new trailer that shows one of the five unique styles of racing set to star in GRID Autosport, the Touring Car discipline. The trailer shows how this famously competitive style of racing will be experienced in-game. Cars go head-to-head in robust packs, with drivers trading paint and crashing out as no quarter is asked, nor given, out on the track. The video also features Touring Car racing drivers explaining what players need to succeed in this discipline, including 2013 BTCC Champion Andrew Jordan from Pirtek Racing, Team Dynamics’ Matt Neal, and Motorbase Performance’s eight-time touring car title winner Fabrizio Giovanardi who comments, “You need to be fast, you need to be clever – it’s a fighting race, not just a speed race.” Now for the trailer.

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Doomed'n Damned Now On Steam Greelight

Doomed'n Damned is an action game based on retro/classic platform games from Arcades and 16 bit consoles, but revised to the HD era, that is now on Steam Greenlight. The level design, characters, plot and difficulty have a lot of influence from the late 80s and early 90s games. The development and production is by arc-gen games, a one man indie game studio. The game is in beta testing/early access, and it's already available on some digital stores. For screenshots, videos and more, visit the game file. Visit also the game page on Steam.

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One Finger Death Punch Review

Silver Dollar Games has created yet another perfect example of how simplicity can be a tool to bring success in a game."One Finger Death Punch" is an Indie Rhythm Action Fighter that brings out the inner fighter in us all. To read the full review, head over to the game file.

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Mechanic Escape Review

In recent years the platformer has seen a lot of unique twists to leave their mark on the style of game that led these folks to make games to begin with. Following with the trend, Slak Games have overhauled their 2012 game Mechanic Escape with updated visuals, and have released their fast paced death fest on Steam. Taking influences from new and old, Mechanic Escape comes together to make something seriously fun with a ton of heart. Read the full review on the game file.

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Full Mojo Rampage Launches on Steam on May 8th 2014

Full Mojo Rampage is a roguelike game taking place in the confines of the Voodoo reality. In this realm only the most powerful rites can provide a safeguard against evil. Currently available as an Early Access title, the full game will officially launch on May 8th, 2014. For more information about the game visit the game file.

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Habitat on its way to Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux

Indie publisher Versus Evil today announced that it has teamed up with Seattle developer 4gency, to bring Habitat: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, to Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. In Earth’s orbit, where crisis is guaranteed, Habitat is the only strategic space simulation game that uses orbital debris to build the future homes of humanity and where hope for survival relies on the creativity and resourcefulness of the player. Exploration, resource management and physics-based flight and combat come together for the ultimate space survival experience.

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Croixleur Sigma Video Review

We have now made available a video review for Croixleur Sigma so that you can check the gameplay in more detail. Be sure to watch it here.

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Revealed

Activision has revealed the first trailer for the next game in the Call of Duty series along with the launch date. The trailer is comprised of Xbox One's gameplay footage. The launch date is set for November 4, 2014 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC. You can watch the trailer here.

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Croixleur Sigma Review

Japanese developer Souvenir Circ, with the assistance of localization studio Nyu Media have teamed up to bring last year’s  hack & slash adventure Croixleur to Steam in the form of Croixleur Sigma, a digital re-release with some new features including Co-Op multiplayer and a second story for the second protagonist, Francesca. Croixleur Sigma takes the multi round battles of Devil May Cry’s Bloody Palace game mode and puts a personal twist on the story to make something rather unique in more ways than one. For the full review, head over to the game file.

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Path of Exile Review

Path of Exile, a Top-down Action RPG developed by New Zealand Based Grinding Gear Games, arrived with a bang. Initially created as a game that they would want to play themselves and a spiritual successor to Diablo 2, GGG’s Path of Exile has locked in over 3.7 million active accounts with over 70,000 simultaneous players. So, what’s it all about? Find out in the full review.

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Croixleur Sigma Now Available

Nyu Media announced today that Croixleur Sigma is now available on Steam, the Humble Store, GamersGate, Desura and other reputable digital distributors. Croixleur Sigma was developed by Souvenir Circ. and is a high-speed hack-and-slash brawler. For more information visit the game file.

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The Last Tinker: City of Colors To Hit Steam In May

Developed by Berlin based Mimimi Productions and published by Unity Games, the 3D action adventure game “The Last Tinker: City of Colors" is coming to launch on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on May 12th.  A charming blend of modern platforming and multicolored style, The Last Tinker is a one-of-a-kind adventure that has drawn comparisons with Banjo-Kazooieand Jak and Daxter. The game is also coming soon to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Chronology Coming To Steam On May 12

Indie studio osao games today announced that Chronology, its mind-bending puzzle, adventure and platform game will be available for PC on May 12th through Steam. The game is set in a beautiful universe that mixes classical fantasy with mechanical retro-futuristic elements, players defy time by manipulating the past and the future, to fix the present as they uncover a story that shapes the future of the world.

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Lifeless Planet Release Date Confirmed

Lace Games and Stage 2 Studios announced today that the hugely anticipated and critically acclaimed indie PC game 'LIFELESS PLANET' has been confirmed as 6th June 2014. Developed almost single handidly by Alaskan based David Board (Stage 2 Studios), 'LIFELESS PLANET' is a third-person action-adventure game that puts the player in the moon-boots of an astronaut on a one-way mission to a life-bearing planet far outside our solar system.

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Indie Fridays #3 Now Live At Arcade Pixels Network

A new Indie Fridays event is now available for Arcade Pixels Network partners. The goal of the event is to provide more exposure to publishers and indie developers and create more value to network partners. Partners can now apply to the giveaway #3 that will end on May 2, 2014. The games for this event are SNOW, BROFORCE, Super Toy Cars, and Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition. Last event had the participation of over 1000 partners. Learn more about this event here and make sure to watch the video of the annoucement.

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