Pahelika - Secret Legends
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Launch Date: 2009
Developer: IronCode Software
Publisher: Kiss
Genre: Aventura

Available for:

PC Windows

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Pahelika: Secret Legends is a simple point and click adventure, which tells the story of the search for the Pahelika, the most magical of books. Developed by Ironcode Gaming, this simple story takes you to other worlds as you unlock the secrets and clues surrounding this mystical book. You play as a historian who has grown up with the legend of the book, but never found a fragment of truth to it, till you venture into the back storage room in your house.

The idea of a point and click story adventure is fun, and the concept of treasure seeking is an adventure everyone can partake in. Much in an old treasure map leads to pirate treasure, the ancient clue you discover leads to the mystical Pahelika. Unfortunately, the story itself is shallow and minimal, at best, for the entirety of the game. Since it is the driving force of the game itself, it would be better to see more development and exposition of the story itself. The game is short, and even has an achievement for completing the whole game in under an hour.

The gameplay is built around mini puzzles and problems, which you solve by collecting and using items along the way. Again, classic game style that has been around for a while and even feels like a tribute to the Mist series; but was somewhat skimped on in this instance.  While the puzzles are relaxing and without time limits, so solving them is done at your leisure, they are also poorly finished; some of them requiring multiple clicks in the same area to respond, and others not being solved as the clue even states.

All in all, Pahelika: Secret Legends is a quick little game that could  be very enjoyable; provided the story is hashed out a bit more, the gameplay mechanics are tightened so to prevent puzzle errors, or the game price was dropped from its current $10USD on steam.

Author: Matt Adore




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