Wii Karaoke U
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Launch Date: 04 Outubro 2013
Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: Música

Available for:

Nintendo eShop - Wii U

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Wii Karaoke U is a free karaoke app that uses the GamePad as a microphone and a lyric sheet. It can be downloaded from the eShop and you can stream its library of songs. Once downloaded, you have to pay for a ticket to use the app for one hour, 24 hours or 30 days.


Enjoy a complete karaoke experience in the privacy of your own home. Whether you’re a pitch-perfect pop star, fancy practising your skills, or just wanna belt out some tunes with friends, there’s plenty of fun for everyone!

Please note that songs may contain explicit lyrics and deal with adult themes which may be unsuitable for some audiences.

1,500 Songs at Launch

Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND is your gateway to hundreds of songs, and you can easily search by title, genre and more. There will be new additions to the library on a regular basis, so there’s always something new. Check out the latest catalogue (totally free) within the software on Wii U*.

Simple Controls

The Wii U GamePad makes it a breeze to manage the music: queue up songs as someone else is singing, rearrange the order of the upcoming list, or change the tempo and musical key of a track. You’re in control!

It’s possible to sing using the microphone on the Wii U GamePad, but you can also use a USB microphone (for example the Wii U Microphone, sold separately) to play. Two microphones can be connected simultaneously, so you can sing like a star alongside a friend.

Tickets for Every Taste

The software is free to download from Nintendo eShop and you can browse the Song Database (for free) at any time*. If you’d like to sing, you’ll need to purchase a Ticket from Nintendo eShop and remain connected to the Internet while you play.

Before you jump in and purchase a Ticket though, make sure you use your free trial**: this gives you access to all the features of the software for a whole hour, so you can see how much fun it is without paying a penny!

A Variety of Modes

The default mode gives you a classic karaoke experience: as your chosen tune plays the lyrics appear on the TV screen for you to follow. There's no scoring, no competition, just the joy of singing! If you need a bit of help with how the melody goes, you can select a Backdrop that displays a visual Melody Guide, and in many songs a track of Guide Vocals can play while you sing.

Feeling a bit more confident? The software also features several modes where your performance is given a Rating: you can choose just to receive a score at the end, get an in-depth analysis of your performance or take on other players across Europe as you try to top the rankings*.

Starter for Ten

If you need a bit of help getting into the swing of things, you’ll find the Collections very handy indeed. Simply choose a theme that appeals to you and you’ll be taken to a ready-made playlist of ten songs that are sure to get your party started!

*Use of this software requires a broadband Internet connection. However, it’s possible to take advantage of certain features (e.g. choosing an outfit for your Mii, designing a stage, etc.) offline and for free at any time. Access to the online features of software can be restricted by configuring Parental Controls on your Wii U console. Visit our Support section on Parental Controls for more information.

**Only one free 1-hour trial Ticket per Wii U console is available. To take advantage of your free 1-hour trial Ticket you must activate it before you purchase or redeem any other Tickets. To commence your trial, head to Nintendo eShop via the in-game "Ticket Purchase” button and select the free Ticket there.






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