Kings and Legends Faces The Reckoning

GameSpree, publisher of free-to-play browser games is extremely pleased to announce the release of Update 1.4 “The Reckoning” to Kings and Legends, the unique strategy/TCG, free2play browser title.  This huge update adds new Cards, Races, Events, Equipment, Bosses to challenge and a brand-new game mode called City Defense!

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The Reckoning is here!  The action unfolds in the latest update featuring two exciting new card races:  Dragons and Angels. The Reckoning is an expansive 3-part update that adds a host of Dragon and Angel cards that players can collect through new events!

Battle the Queen of Dragons in “Challenge Veraaksia,” and earn points to spend on new Dragon Cards, but be quick to fight through the waves of her draconic offspring, Veraaksia will wipe out your party if you take too long! Dragons are popular in a fight, their low-cooldown, good attack and draconic abilities make them great assault units.

Divinity’s Tower adds a new element to the popular Ascension Tower; a colossus of 50-levels of challenges. Now you can face the might of the Heavens and earn points to redeem on collecting Angelic cards; these great support and utility cards help control the battlefield with Healing abilities and great Area of effect spells to stall your opponents advance.

Man the battlements: City-Defense is a brand new Game mode pitting players against each other in assault-style battles. Hide units in a Fog of War and devise cunning ambushes, or take the fight to the enemy and complete Quests to discover Rune-formulas!

These powerful pieces of equipment can now be forged and add another layer of strategy to a battle!

In addition to all this base-content, GameSpree is steadily and consistently releasing its own inspired and exclusive cards available only in Kings and Legends!

“Long-term motivation and balancing is a key focus of our plans to develop the game experience even further, identifying opportunities for new unique cards and tactics to make Kings and Legends more exciting than ever!” said Thorsten Russ, Lead Producer.



About Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is a free2play card-based game with hundreds of unique cards to collect, evolve and battle with. The unique, action-packed battle system is easy to learn and offers players the opportunity to pit themselves against single opponents, to fight in teams or battle deadly bosses in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Combining the depth and challenge of an MMO with the strategy and tactics of a TCG, Kings and Legends is a free2play browser game like no other.

24 Janeiro 2014 | Clever


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