Iwata outlines the future of Nintendo in the latest briefing

The President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, announced today in a Corporate Management Policy Briefing, the strategic plans that the company will implement in the near future. At the meeting, Iwata said "we are moving ahead with research and development efforts for future hardware as we have done before and we are not planning to give up our own hardware systems and shift our axis toward other platforms"...

Addressing the problems that the Wii U has been facing, Iwata said "Obviously, under the current situation where the company has to report an operating loss, simply executing a price reduction as a way to defuse the situation is not an option. In the short-term, Nintendo will focus on thoroughly enriching the value of the most significant feature of Wii U, the Wii U GamePad... Our top priority task this year is to offer software titles that are made possible because of the GamePad."

Nintendo is developing a quick start menu for the GamePad that will be ready this summer. "The quick start menu enables you to load one of the software titles you have recently played without being routed to the console menu."

Nintendo DS titles will be able to be displayed in the GamePad "We are now sure that we can solve the technical problem of displaying Virtual Console software from Nintendo DS on the GamePad. The dual-screen Nintendo DS, one of which is a touch screen, has a very strong software lineup, and so we plan to add the Virtual Console titles from Nintendo DS software to the future Virtual Console lineup for Wii U".

Nintendo plans to release software on smartphone devices and even licencing the use of Nintendo characters to a few selected team of developers "It is our intention to release some application on smart devices this year... we will actively expand our character licensing business, including proactively finding appropriate partners."

For the full briefing go here.

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