Daily Challenge Update Released For Joe Danger Infinity On iOS

Hello Games just released version 1.1.0 for Joe Danger Infinity introducing the Daily Challenge Update. JDI was the number one selling app in 17 countries, and it reached the top five best-selling apps in 70 countries. The new mode is simple: every day a new level unlocks for you to play. But it’s not about winning medals, it’s about score.

Beat the level’s set scores and you win bags of coins. Play every day and your prize pot steadily increases, so there’s plenty of reason to keep coming back. Of course, each level has a scoreboard, too, so even after you’ve won the coins there are your Game Center friends to beat, or even the overall board, until the day’s over and it all starts over again tomorrow!

Daily Challenges are actually a spin on a mode we added to Joe Danger Touch a few months ago. It featured pretty traditional levels, but this time we wanted to add a little extra competition and a little more reward … and a lot of risk. The levels are super challenging, with multiple routes you’ll need to take the best advantage of and loads of traps and hazards. You’ll need to keep tricking to raise your multiplier, which will go as high as you can make it, but don’t trick when you should be dodging! It’s intense!

Joe Danger Infinity also supports iOS 7 controllers. You’ll be used to taps and swipes, but the controller makes JDI into almost a rhythm action game. Collect bubbles with a tap of X, collect stars with Y, jump and duck with A, destroy barriers and dangerous things with B, and pull stunts with the D-pad or the analogue stick.

Check the game file for more information, images and videos.

25 Março 2014 | Raiden


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