Milestone Wants Your Face!

Milestone, one of the most recognized racing videogame developers and publishers for Consoles and PC, announced that, starting from today, the worldwide initiative “Milestone Faces” has been launched.

Can you imagine your face into a videogame? Can you think about the chance to ride a virtual bike or drive a virtual car and play the career mode with your face? If yes, thanks to Milestone, now you can!!

The new Milestone initiative will allow gamers to:

- Upload your own personal pic *

- Subscribe to Milestone newsletter to be posted about all videogame news

- Be selected by a Milestone artist team to became one of the faces for the brand new videogame in development**


To participate to this exciting initiative, you need to visit, click on the "Milestone Faces"*** Banner available in Home Page, download and send back a signed image rights paper, subscribe to the newsletter and be selected. Once the procedure has been accomplished, your pic will be included into Milestone database and, if it will meet the standard, will be used into our next in-development games.

“We’d like to turn a dream into Reality. This is the concept of Milestone Faces. This initiative has the aim to get Milestone closer to the community inviting them to discover two and four wheels videogame’s world”, affirm Luisa Bixio, External Relations Director.

Discover all new Milestone website features and news visiting


*Pics that won’t meet the requirements, obscene images and the ones that offend against public decency won’t be accepted

**Participating to Milestone Faces doesn’t ensure inclusion into Milestone s.r.l. under development games

***This initiative can’t be considered as contest and doesn’t include a monetary recompense

11 Abril 2014 | Raiden


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