Kiss Announces 4 New Indie Games for Steam

GEARCITY, a Motor Tycoon game available on Steam's Early Access Program, AMPU-TEA, a surgeon sim-like classic, MANHUNT, an action game, and INTERNATIONAL SNOOKER. The games will be available tomorrow on Steam.

A superb Motor Tycoon game available on Steam's Early Access Program.  Design car chassis, engines, transmission units and vehicles. Manage production lines, supplies, prices, and employees. Build factories and distribution branches. Set marketing and racing budgets, and most importantly stay profitable.  Will you be the next Henry Ford?

At long last, it's here!  The surgeon sim-like classic arrives on Steam. Written by the amazing DJ Arcas, Ampu-Tea is the most fun you can have making a cup of tea with an artificial arm!!
Play the role of ex-SAS soldier John 'Striker' Gullivan, skilled sniper and veteran of numerous covert operations.  Rather than retirement and the easy life, it is the life of a mercenary for you. 5 huge and varied chapters with a total of 14 levels.  Do the catching and avoid being caught!  Look out the the sequel 'Chernobyl Commando' launching next week!

Developed by UK based Big Head Games, International Snooker you have been waiting for.  Ready to step up to the 147 challenge?

29 Maio 2014 | Raiden


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