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Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

In order to have a good environment, conducive to dialogue and the exchange of ideas, Arcade Pixels created a set of standards rules that apply to the use of the website. By using the website you agree with these rules.

There are two types of users in this website, the guest and the registered member. The guests can view all the information available, but only registered members are able to interact with other members and with the website itself.


As a registered member you can:

- Have a profile and personalize it with personal information

- Create your game collection

- Post comments on the site and in the forums

- Upload videos and texts to the site *

- Apply for a place in the team and post official content directly from our Backoffice


* The upload of videos to the site requires a previous approval for personal page creation. To know more about the creation of personal pages on Arcade Pixels click here.


The role of Arcade Pixels

- Arcade Pixels commits to analyse any situation that is presented.

- Arcade Pixels can not be responsible for any type of content created by users that do not belong to the website team.

- All the information on this website is subject to the CC BY-NC 2.5 license.

- All images and logos on this website are property of their respective owners.

- There are links that connect this website to other sites on the web, so the administration is not responsible for the content and use of information on external pages.

- Arcade Pixels provides content that may be considered sexual or erotic, used to contextualize the information associated with it, so the permanence of a user on the site can only be made ​​by persons of legal age, or if the user is a minor, must be accompanied by someone of legal age. Considering this, it is up to the user the decision to continue or not to visit this site. 

- Fraud or deliberate attempt to circumvent the rules presented will be subject to review by the management, and may ultimately end with the expulsion (temporary or permanent) of the user concerned, this being prevented from accessing part or in its entirety of information and functionality of this site. 

- The content of this website is protected by copyright and can not be reproduced, copied partially or completely without previous written permition from the administration. 

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