LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Lego popularity in video games is growing every year as new games are released in a wide variety of platforms. Making use of renowned movie franchises like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean, Lego games keep adding new themes and universes to one of the more versatile franchises in video games.

Set in the Marvel Universe this new Lego game opens the door for yet more characters to become Lego pieces. There are well over 100 characters to unlock, that you will immediately recognize like Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, among many other, each with their own special abilities. For those of you that know the Marvel characters well enough to list them in inverse alphabetical order and think that there is a character that probably isn’t there because he’s not well known, take a look again, because the odds are he’s there somewhere. The Marvel heroes are also well known for their sense of humour and catch phrases, so the mix with Lego fits like a glove. Expect to laugh more than a couple of times during this long and packed with content adventure. If you are using the PlayStation 3 version, add some frustration to the mix – Explain later.

Has usual with Lego games, you will control more than one character at a time, and you will be able to change between them with just a press of a button. In one moment you can be lifting a truck over your head and in the next second you can be in the air shooting projectiles. The story is set in The Avengers universe, the same as the latest blockbuster movie, so you can expect some similarities between both, and also expect great voice acting to deliver the jokes. But to be fair, more than the dialogs and voice acting, for me it’s the situations and the expressions of the characters that create such a unique and satisfying experience.

The large cast makes sure that you will not get bored to much using those repetitive moves as you smash the environment and collect pallets of pieces of Lego. As soon as they become second nature, new characters are introduced, and all of a sudden, you can squeeze yourself between steel bars and glide your way to safety. Gameplay is simple and intuitive, and the game constantly pull out hints to help you, but there are still times where you may be stuck, so destroy everything that can be put into pieces and you should be on your way to find what to do next.

Here comes the bad part. For a game made with kids in mind, there are a lot of frustrating moments. Starting with the long load screens and moving on to the precision, that is apparently a requirement, you will sometimes encounter situations in which you have to perform an action that your character simply will not perform, and although you are 100% positive that you know what to do, you will sometimes begin to question yourself if there is something else you need to do to advance, and so you will take 2 or 3 laps around the block wandering what to do when the real problem was that you were an inch out of optimal position to perform the action. Other times you will just find yourself stuck in the geometry unable to move and give up starting the level from the beginning. But the worse is when the game just freezes the console completely and you have to restart the damn thing. This happened several times during my playthrough, and then… back to the beginning. So I would say there are more than a few things wrong with this otherwise enjoyable Lego adventure game. I have however to say that these problems happened to me with the PlayStation 3 version of the game, but during my time with the PlayStation 4 version I didn’t encountered any moments with frozen images, so that right there was a big improvement.

The graphics are really good and it’s always fun to see Lego characters come to life with great animations and funny dialog. But all this comes at a cost, so prepare for some very noticeable frame rate drops on the PS3 version, or, if you are playing the PS4 version, better resolution and more brilliant visuals, and no dropped frames.

The game is plagued with some severe issues on the technical side, almost all of them on the PS3 version, that take away a big chunk of the enjoyment, but if you can somehow cope will the game shortcomings, you will find that this is yet another Lego game that you know and love, in a whole new universe full of exciting characters and stories to tell. Unfortunately, there is no online co-op mode, but if you want, the side missions and the search for hidden levels will make sure you will continue to play the game for a lot more time.

05 Dezembro 2013 | Raiden


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