Battlefield 4

At the start of a new generation EA brings out their big guns with Battlefield 4. Following the success of the series, this new iteration opens up the game in key areas, previously only available to high end pc’s, and deliver a next-gen experience to console gamers.

EA and DICE bring “Levolution” to the battlefield. Built with the new Frostbite 3 Engine, the game introduces the next generation of Battlefield warfare. The new engine really makes the game shine on the PS4. Although not on par with the PC version, the console edition doesn’t stand far behind will provide plenty of visual eye candy. Impressive dynamic weather effects, image filters, and a constantly changing battlefield make up some of the new standards for visuals with Battlefield 4 leading the way.

After a campaign that can go from 6 to 8 hours long issuing commands to your brothers in arms, the multiplayer takes the game to the next level with 10 maps, 64 players, and 60 frames per second. Besides the usual game modes, there are 2 new additions, Defuse and Obliteration. The first one is all about infantry gameplay where the players that die will not respawn until the next round, and in the second one the players are pushed to take control of a bomb that gets dropped randomly on the battlefield and needs to picked up to destroy enemy targets. Both of the modes are aimed for fast gameplay

Battlefield 4 doesn’t suffer from the usual cross-generation releases where the new consoles end up with a poorly developed port. Battlefield 4 is the real deal, making use of a new engine that perfectly takes advantage of the platforms strengths as is the case of the PlayStation 4, the platform used to review the game. For a launch game, BF4 is a stunner, with great visuals and plenty of content. Despite the a well realised movie like feel of the campaign, Battlefield’s DNA continues to be heavily composed of multiplayer madness, and this iteration even got it up a notch.

02 Janeiro 2014 | Raiden


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